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Many of you are waking up reading about the levee break which is currently flooding Pajaro. This small town is a very poor farming community next to Watsonville, CA. with around 3,000 people. 94% were Hispanic with a median household income of $38,315. Let me clarify that that is a combined household income. The last time we had a caravan go to that town our cell phones stopped working altogether. We couldn't even send a text message. Being able to connect is a necessity, especially during emergencies. This is the digital divide.


The flooding is devastating to the thousands of families who will now be out of work for sometime. They have lost everything and they already had nothing. Many of you have asked how to help with all of this unfolding tragedy. We have been in touch with all of our partner agencies who have been overwhelmed with dealing with emergency services. Currently first responders are on the ground and 3 evacuation shelters have been set up.


Thanks to your donations we will be purchasing hundreds of gift cards so they can purchase emergency supplies and we are waiting on getting word as to additional help needed. We are also working on getting food trucks out to the evacuation sites.


If you are able please donate to our Pajaro Flood Victims Fund


The agricultural community, which is under duress on a daily basis, has been overwhelmed this year with the California floods and now the tragic shooting in Half Moon Bay. Help us to provide emergency supplies to the families affected by these tragedies.

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