Sabor del Valle
Where Latinos & Wine in California Are Intertwined in History

In 1942, when the U.S. initiated the Bracero Program, thousands of Latino-Mexicans came to work in California's grape fields. Today the Latino community’s deep-rooted knowledge of wine is illustrated by the operating and ownership of many high-quality vineyards.

Today we celebrate these Latinos as well as other businesses and nonprofits bringing them together in collaboration in the celebration of their mastery and for the opportunity to serve our community.

Sabor del Valle (A Taste of the Valley) was founded by Ray Singh Castañeda, a Latino community leader and business development consultant in Silicon Valley.

Since 2009, Sabor del Valle has brought together exceptional vintners, artists, restaurateurs and up to 600 participants per year from all affiliations to support non-profit organizations making a difference in our community and beyond.



Sabor del Valle

is an engine for social change for the unserved, unheard and unseen in the Bay Area by working in collaboration with local vintners, artists and restaurateurs who showcase their delectable creations offering their talent in service of the greater good.


Sabor del Valle

strives to be a leading partner with Latino vintners, boutique vintners, local artists, and a diverse community of restaurateurs, with an emphasis on building awareness of the needs of the very community we seek to serve. The heart of Sabor del Valle is to touch more lives.

Image by Kym Ellis